All White + Stripes

Good morning and Happy Presidents Day!  Having Monday off is the perfect way to start off the week and the only thing better than a long weekend is a short week, am I right?  Today we're talking about wearing white.  I love the idea of an all white outfit.  It's clean, calm, and pristine - even with a little black thrown in. 

Massimo Dutti Polo Neck Striped T-shirt (sold out; similar here) | Massimo Dutti Sleeveless Cardigan (sold out; similar here) | AE Jeans (old)| Ralph Lauren Newbury Double-Zip Satchel | Old Navy Lace-up Flats (sold out; exact pair in a size 7!)

I'll admit, it's pretty difficult to wear all white.  If you're anything like me, the risk of getting dirty is pretty high but worth the risk.  When wearing an all white outfit - especially in the form of layers - you should always focus on different textures and shades.  You want to be able to differentiate between all your layers, right?  If not you'll look like the Abominable Snowman and that's definitely not the look we're going for here. 

For example, look at my outfit.  It consist of everything I mentioned, texture (in my sweater, shirt, and jeans) and three different shades of white.  Even if the shirt was all white, you would still be able to appreciate the depth of each layer.  I finished this look off with nude lace-up flats and this new Ralph Lauren Bag.  <---My latest obsession. 

I quickly want to mention that the Massimo Dutti sale is still going on.  There isn't as much available as before but its still worth a look.  I mentioned it back in January and ended up buying the cardigan and turtleneck seen here today. 

I hope you've enjoyed today's post!  Talk soon!