Modern Love

As much as I loved this outfit, I promise that I'm not trying to torture you by sharing the same thing over and over again.  Like I mentioned here, I wanted to share how incredible this restaurant was.  I spoke about the restaurant Modern Love in my last post as well as this one.  I loved it so much that I immediately pictured myself recreating the entire meal at's that good.  

If you have been following me for awhile, you know about my battle with food allergies and my struggle with learning what I can and cannot eat.  I did a 12 day smoothie challenge and it really helped clean out my body so I could reintroduce different foods back into my diet little by little.  After the smoothie challenge, I found myself afraid to eat.  I know it sounds dramatic but when you wake up to a black eye or hives all over your face and body due to what you ate you would understand.  Anyway, for my birthday I wanted to just enjoy food like a normal person.  I decided back in January that I wanted to cut out meat completely and in March decided that I would do the same with dairy. Meat was easier than I thought but dairy was so hard because I love cheese.  

I turned to my trusty Yelp app and found Modern Love Brooklyn.  I went for Sunday Brunch and when I tell you I scraped the plate, I'm not kidding.  I mean, just take a peek at the menu! I had the Chickpea Frittata which is mashed chickpeas with smoked walnut "chorizo" on top (I do have a nut allergy but am able to eat roasted or "cooked" nuts.) Over that, they put guacamole, pico, pickled red onions, and a house hot sauce.  I'm going to share a picture on Instastories so you can see how it looks.  Guys, I can go on and on.  Who would have thought that mash chickpeas could change my life?  If you're ever in the area, please try it out.  Vegan or not, you would love it.  Let me know if any of you stop by so you can tell me what to try next! 

And if you're looking for the details on this outfit, check my last post