This Weeks Links

Where I share my latest reads, latest sales, and everything in between
  1. Urban Outfitters: 25% off of all shorts, graphic tees, and UO Sandals.  Coachella is a month away and I need shorts.  I love these floral ones, these floral ones, and these striped paper bag ones
  2. Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? This article is really interesting.  It makes some valid points.  The link between smartphones and mental illness worries me since you hardly ever see a teenager without a phone in their hand. 
  3. Stress Is Contagious and can actually change your brain - doesn't surprise me. 
  4. Mango: Mid-season sale up to 50% off.  I love this tote and these sequin drop earrings are gorgeous.
  5. "Bake-in-a-bag" Moroccan-style vegetables - the simple way to making veggies deliciously flavorful.

Happy Monday. :)