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Knitting Factory; circa 2015

So I'm warning you ahead of time, all Grammy talk today - as you can see based off of the photo above.   It was the first time since 2013 since the ceremony took place outside of Los Angeles.  It was an interesting night for music and I questioned a lot of it but for the most part, found some highlights.  

  • First girl Alessia Cara.  I am so, so, so incredibly proud of her.  Almost three years ago, I was just a fangirl at a Brooklyn bar blown away by her talent.  I remember I paid $10 for my ticket.  That day she had a crowd of 50 in which she made a point to say that that was her biggest crowd at an event.  Fast forward to today and she's winning a Grammy for Best New Artist.  
  • Lady Gaga is such an incredible performer.  I love when she sings and plays the piano.  Her tribute to her aunt was beautiful and I love that between songs she simply said: "times up" to show support for everything that has been going on within the industry.  Gaga has always been an advocate for survivors so I wasn't surprised. 
  • On that note, Kesha's performance of her song "Praying" moved me.  I felt her pain and admire her courage.  I also loved that other music artist like Cyndi Lauper, Julia Michaels, and Camilla Cabello (to name a few) joined her on stage.  
  • Cardi B is really just living her best life.  She is the first female rapper to have her first three songs in the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.  I'll admit, I wasn't her biggest fan at first BUT I do love that she stays true to herself no matter what.  Not to mention, my obsession with the song "Finesse" is real.  Love a good Bruno Mars collab.  
  • What are your thoughts on Kendrick Lamar's performance? I definitely thought that it was captivating and a great opening show for the Grammy's.  
  • Last but not least, Blue Ivy.  How adorable is she? I love that she attended the Grammy's with her parents.  I know you all saw her little hand gestures.  I can't even deal.  

What were some of your Grammy highlights?