This Weeks Links

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  1. In need of some new workout gear.  I have my eyes on these leggings, these sneakers, and these shorts
  2. I've always been obsessed with beanies but they have been at the bottom of my hat bin since forever because I would only wear them with my hair straight.  Now that I figured out how to make it work with my curly hair, my beanie collection has grown.  I really love the color on this one
  3. I also need this draped top in my life.  I love keeping tops like these on standby for the days that I go out.
  4. I love this button down linen midi dress in the color maroon. The color has me dreaming of sunsets on the beach...
  5. I'm so mad I missed the SAG awards.  The fashion was on point and I heard some of my favorite shows won.  Oh well, might as well catch up on here.  
  6. It's always around the beginning of winter that I start wishing I could ditch the layers.  Why is that?  This bathing suit is practically begging for me to buy it and this one can double as a bodysuit for dinner on the beach. 
  7. Apparently, this $7 serum is the truth.  I have to remember to pick it up the next time I'm at Sephora.  
  8. I've made edible cookie dough before but this vegan recipe is interesting.  The things people come up with to kill the craving.  I'm gonna have to try it out.  
  9. I don't know if you guys remember but over the past two summers I've developed (or discovered) a green thumb.  I guess it started with the school garden but now I want to start growing simple herbs (like rosemary, cilantro, etc.).  As far as houseplants, I really want to start growing string of pearls and maybe some sort of tall plant (still learning the names) for one of the corners of my apartment.  I came across this guide and will start putting it to use...eventually.  I'll keep you guys posted on how that goes.  
  10. Tomorrow's breakfast?  Yumm. 

Have a happy Monday. :)