For The Love Of Cafe Bustelo

"Oh, I can't stop drinking the coffee.  I stop drinking the coffee, I stop doing the standing and the walking, and the words putting into sentence doing."   It is almost impossible to not quote Gilmore Girls when talking about coffee.  If you don't know this about me already, I LOVE COFFEE.  Not because I'm addicted to the caffeine, but because I love the aroma, the taste, and the warm, fuzzy, feeling it gives me when I take that first sip.  Now, I wouldn't call myself a coffee connoisseur but I am pretty picky when it comes to my coffee.  So in honor of National Coffee Day (which I thought was yesterday...whoops!), I'm sharing with you my absolute favorite cup of coffee.  Cafe Bustelo! 

This is a popular coffee brand, especially within the Latin community.  For the people who haven't tried it, I promise it will not disappoint.  I've converted one of my coworkers who now buys it in her own home.  Another coworker of mine tried it for the first time yesterday.  He text me saying " Wow. Cafe BOMBstelo." A little corny but it gets the point across: this stuff is BOMB.  Not only is this coffee just straight up delicious but it is also nice and strong.  If you're exhausted, it gets the job done! It comes in two forms of packaging: vacuum packed or in a tin can and the aroma is just incredible.  I usually make mine using a cloth coffee strainer, also called a Colador.  I also have a small metal stovetop coffee maker that I should use more often but I don't. {shrugs shoulders}. While we're talking coffee, shop cute mugs below!

Forgive me for writing in all caps and using the bold font a little too often during this post.  I'm just THAT passionate about my Cafe Butelo.