This Weeks Links

I've been slackiiiiin'.  My post have been all over the place these last few days.  Trying to get back on track here.  I have some outfit pics I forgot to post from Florida as well as a What I'm Loving post that didn't go through on Friday for some reason.  (Ugh, technology.) I'm debating whether I should combine the two and post them tomorrow - we shall see.  I'm really excited about sharing these really pretty pajama pants.  Maybe if I have time I'll do a late night post because I'm just that excited to share :)  Anyway, Back to regular programming - some of my favorite links this week. 

  • I'm still in search for the perfect light-weight foundation.  If you know me, I hate heavy make-up.  I have found a few that I like but none that I love.  So the search continues - I plan on trying this one out next.  Wish me luck!
  • One of my friends wants to be a wedding planner and I can't wait to show her this awesome wedding blog I came across. 
  • I try my best to eat healthy and use items that will benefit me outside as well as the inside.  This website talks about nutrition and wellness and is a great website for those looking for a cleaner lifestyle.  
  • H&M always kills it in the Fall department.  I'm loving this varsity sweater, this camo sweatshirt and this wool hat.  
  • I made homemade vodka sauce the other day.  I just looked up a basic recipe and made the rest up just because I like to make things my own.  I would have to make it again to tell you how exactly I made it (because it was that bangin') but if you want to just Pinterest it, there's a ton of recipes for you to choose from. 
  • Speaking of food...I was in the mood for some pizza yesterday but had none of the basic ingredients (cheese, pizza sauce, etc.) but I still managed to pull something together and it came out delicious.  

Sometimes I share what I make up on Snapchat and most recently Instastories but have been thinking of sharing what I come up with in the kitchen on the blog.  Would that be something you guys would be interested in?  Let me know! 

Happy Monday!