National Thrift Shop Day

National Thrift Shop Day is today and I'm really sad I won't be able to shop in honor of it.  Not that I need an excuse to shop but if I did, this would be a really good one.  

I'm pretty sure most of you know what a thrift shop is-  but just in case - it's basically a type of resale shop that sells used goods. If you're really lucky, you end up with something brand new.  Usually thrift shops build their inventory off of donations (like Goodwill) but there are some (like Beacon's Closet) that buy used clothing, shoes, or accessories.  You rarely ever get back what you paid for an item but hey, something is something. I don't go "thrifting" as much as I would like to but when I do, I always find something worth buying. Today I'm sharing with you a couple of of my favorites as well as others I intend on visiting soon. 

  • BEACON'S CLOSET: This one is possibly one of my favorites.  I say that because I've been to two different locations multiple times and always find something.  They conveniently have multiple locations (three in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan).  I love who they are and what they stand for.  The founder, Carrie Peterson, has a great come-up story.  Best part, you can even shop online. 
  • BUFFALO EXCHANGE: Located in the East Village, this buy-sell-trade clothing shop is definitely worth a shot - especially if you're already in the area.  I've gone and found some great designer stuff for almost nothing.  I love that they aren't too picky with what you sell to them, either.  They are more then happy to except things from Forever 21, H&M, etc. with no problem.  
  • L TRAIN VINTAGE: I have never been to this one but apparently they have the best 80's/90's vintage around.  Nothing designer - think classic Levi's for cheap.  
  • RePOP: This is another one that I've been meaning to visit but it has nothing to do with clothing!  RePop sells vintage furniture and other home goods. I'm especially interested in the lighting and vintage signs that I heard they had.  All items are for sale or rental which is kind of cool.  

Are you a big thrifter?  If so, what are some of you favorite thrift shops?