I'm Back

So...it's been awhile, huh?  It has been an overwhelming month for me but in a good way.  Unfortunately, I needed to step away from the blog and focus on other things that needed my complete attention.  Between graduations, weddings, and everything else in between I really just wanted to focus on enjoying everything in the moment.  I'm excited to start things back up again.  I had a great last few weeks and I feel like I have so much to say but don't even know where to start.  

Punta Cana, Dominicna Republic 

Punta Cana, Dominicna Republic 

I wanted to start the week off right - with the norm - but I promised a few people via Insta that I would share what I wore while on vacation and they've waited for me long enough.  Sorry, guys!  I actually mentioned a few of the things that I would bring with me to DR a few weeks back.  I didn't take any official blog pictures while I was there because I was only away for three days and I really wanted to enjoy it in the moment.  I will take more photos in details of each outfit but for the time being I'll share what I do have on the blog today.  

The bride and groom held an all white beach party and this is what I wore.  I waited to the last minute to find an all white dress and all the ones I ordered just didn't look right.  I ended up trying Rent The Runway for the first time and settled for this Elizabeth and James LWD with a zipper detail.  More on my experience with Rent The Runway in another post! 

This Slate and Willow Teal Sweetheart dress were another dress from Rent The Runway which I LOVED.  I figured since I was getting one dress from there, I should give another one a try.  My only complaint was that the straps were way too long and they were not adjustable.  I ended up having to do a quick fix at the last minute and spent the whole night fussing with the straps.  But It did look beautiful and I got lots of compliments!  

This bathing suit is what got everyone's attention!  Guys, its from AMERICAN EAGLE!  I know, who would have thought?  But they have some really, really cute suits, especially one-pieces.  To say that I am obsessed is an understatement.  I can't wait to show it off more in detail.  The pattern and colors are so pretty, this photo really doesn't do it justice.  It sold out pretty quickly but they do have the same pattern but as a two-piece bathing suit that is just as cute!  I got some questions on my raffia bucket bag - it's from Zara and is now on sale!  

You have seen me wear this floral maxi skirt last year.  I still love it and find any excuse to wear it.  I thought it would be the perfect bathing suit cover-up so of course, I had to bring it with me. This bathing suit is very sexy so I thought a maxi skirt would be a good way to tone it down a bit. I just have to check and see if they sell waterproof double sided tape so I don't have to worry about any mishaps! 

Lastly, this romper that I LOVE is from Zara.  I bought it at random without trying it on and it turned out to fit perfectly.  Don't you love it when that happens? 

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading.  I can't wait to share some new things that I bought recently.  Stay tuned :) 

Talk soon!