Light Blue Wrap Dress

I've been telling myself that I need to branch out of my t-shirt dresses and maxi's and buy more dresses that I can actually wear for...I don't know...a fancy dinner or something.  It's not that I don't love dressing up, it's just the opportunity to do so is so far between.  It almost never makes sense to invest in items that I can't wear on an every day (or at least once a month) basis.  

Adriana Light Blue Wrap Dress  | Zara Lucite Sandals | Zara Art Deco Fringe Earrings 

Adriana Light Blue Wrap Dress | Zara Lucite Sandals | Zara Art Deco Fringe Earrings 

Lucky for me, has a great selection of dresses for unbeatable prices.  When I saw this front knot wrap dress I had to have it.  Not only did I have to have it, but I had to have it in the light blue!  The dress in black was tempting and the wine color is beautiful but something in me said go for the blue.  And guys, I was right.  The color and the style of the dress are perfect.  The dress is pretty low-cut but the flowy silhouette creates a nice balance between subtle and sexy.  I didn't want to wear anything that would distract from the neck-line and knot detail so I kept it simple and wore black sandals and these fun fringe earrings.  The only thing I didn't like about the dress is how easily it wrinkled but I'm sure if I'm more cautious with the way I sit, that wouldn't be too much of a problem. 

Quick funny story: I was supposed to wear this out with my cousin for our monthly "date night".  We were going to this fancy-ish restaurant in the city and I thought "wow, I finally have the perfect dress." I walked outside and quickly turned right back around.  The 75 degree weather we were haven't that day turned into a whopping 55 degrees after 6:30 pm.  I made her come inside to take these pictures and we ended up missing our reservations.  Whoops! Unfortunately, I didn't get to show off my pretty new dress but it's going to be perfect come June for my tropical trip to the Dominican Republic!  



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