This Weeks Links

Hi, guys!  As usual, I'm sharing my favorite links from this past week, but this one, in particular, is especially exciting.  I got the amazing opportunity to collaborate with the amazing team over at  Tobi is an online-only women's fashion boutique based in Los Angeles.  If you haven't been on their site, you must go now.  I'm not even kidding.  This is just a sneak peek into the awesomeness that this site has to offer.  I got a couple other items that I'm dying to show you, just wait!  

It's All You Need Blush Head Scarf | Basic Black Shirt (old; via Marshalls) | Fashion Union Slinky Embroidered Bomber Jacket | Lips: Revlon Pink Pout 

This It's All You Blush Head Scarf is everything you want in a head scarf.  It can be styled and worn in multiple ways.  I've worn it with my hair up in a topknot (as seen above) and down in curls.  The best part is that its self-tie, meaning that you can easily adjust it any way you like.  The bottom part of the headband stretches like a scrunchie which makes it really comfy to wear all day.  I know I'm not the only one who hates when headbands dig into their skin!  I love the pale pink color - so on trend for spring!  It's a little girly for my liking which is why I edged it up with this embroidered floral bomber jacket.  Next, I'll be wearing this as a scarf around my neck or tie it around a messy bun.  Talk about versatility! 

Here are a few other headscarves from Tobi that I really want to buy.  And I almost forgot to mention that they offer 50% off for new customers.  Now, that's a deal I can't resist!  Can you?

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