This Weeks Links

Hi, guys!  Haaaaaappy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Mine was good.  I woke up really early both days, which is a pretty big deal since weekends are pretty much an excuse for me to sleep later then usual. I'm trying to break out of that habit as well as a few others.  For example, Saturday I woke up at 7 and went for a run - okay maybe not a run, more like a power walk.  But still, its a start.  Waking up early and exercising?  I know, I'm still surprised with myself.

  •  Today I signed up for an aerial yoga class (that crazy stuff Pink does in the air in almost all her performances).  I'm really excited about it.  Exercise, for me, gets real boring real fast so I need something that I can enjoy and have fun with.  I think this form of yoga would be good for me.
  • Yesterday I met up with a friend and her husband to hang for a bit and we went to this cute little Jamaican spot called Miss Lilly's.  They have  two locations but the one we went to was in the East Village (second location is in Soho).  It's such a cute spot!  I really enjoyed the food, they have really good brunch specials, and the music was on point.  For the record, I had the Jamaican Patty Melt.
  •  Another great food mention is this Brooklyn Spot I went to a couple weeks back called Sweet Chick.  That place is def a must try as well.
  •  I haven't been thrifting since last summer so it's about that time.  I think this coming weekend I'm going to hit up L Train Vintage to see what I could find.
  •  I've been freakishly into pink lately, don't ask me way.  It's a major coincidence that I just got a an email from Asos about all things pink.  A sign?  

Let me know of any good restaurants or other cool stuff that you think I'd be interested in.  I'm always wanting to try something new!