This Weeks Links

Do sharks complain about Monday?  No.  They're up early, biting crap, chasing stuff, being scary - reminding everyone they're a freakin' shark.  


  • First of all, I'm all caught up on This Is Us, the new addition to my list of shows.  At the end of each episode, I find myself asking "Why do I keep doing this to myself"?  Almost to the point that I have to stop watching it.  Ok, enough.  I've already said too much.  The show is such a tear jerker but so so good.  
  • My days are so busy sometimes (some days I'm at work for 12+ hours) that I'ms seriously thinking about meal prep.  These looks so good, minus the meat.  I'm thinking about incorporating seafood maybe twice a week.  We'll see! 
  • Gingham is in this season and I'm loving these trousers.  Such a pretty print! 
  • Slides have always kinda been my thing, even though Mike hates them and calls them the "old lady shoe".  They've grown to be more popular in the last couple of years.  I'm lusting over these but...never gonna happen.  I'll settle for these, though! 
  • I just received these face earrings and these snake-embossed hoop earrings and I'm obsessed!  I can't wait to show them on here.  I did share a sneak peak of one pair on Instagram yesterday! (@xoxoFrancheska).  I really love the jewelry selection at Mango's and I can't wait to buy more.  I already have my eyes on a few things, too! 
  • OBSESSED with this red one-piece, my favorite color! 
  • I'm really feeling this suede dress.  

Happy Monday!