This Weeks Links

Be the energy you want to attract. 
  • It may be a surprise to some people but I actually have a pretty hard time getting to places on time.  Unless its work and even then I'm dragging.  I've gotten much better at it but it took a whole lot of work and determination.  I came across this article and I can actually vouch for a few things that they mentioned because they have worked for me.  Especially the part about getting real about timing!  
  • When did Eminem's daughter become a 21 years old women?  
  • The "try guys" get photoshopped as women and it is more disturbing then you think.  Sometimes we have to see these things to remind us that we should not live by societies standards! 
  • Ed Sheeran's new album is ah-mazing.  
  • Also, this remake of the Dawson's Creek theme song?  It's called Dante's Creek and its equally as amazing as the original. 
  • This blog post from waitkristiwaite is so inspiring and I really admire her for taking that leap.  

Have you guys read anything interesting lately?