Best of the Mid-Season Sales

Sorry for the late post! It was supposed to go up much earlier today but Mike didn't have to go into work till later and I wanted to take advantage of the QT.  It's been few and between lately since the both of us have been working so much.  So, I've been DYING to share my favorites from the mid-season sales.  Shop them below! 

1. Front Lapel Backpack | 2. Braided Cord Sweater | 3. Floral Print Blouse | 4. Floral Print Flowy Dress | 5. Striped Scarf | 6. Velvet D Ring Belt | 7. Flowy Shirt | 8. Checked Flared Skirt

I'll have everything please and thank you!  Make sure you check out these sales!  Other notable sales are Massimo Dutti, River Island, and Zara.  Lots of good stuff, don't miss out!