This Weeks Links

But first, champagne.  I mean's Monday.  

Welcome to the first Monday of the month of February!  I have a love/hate relationship with February.  I dread it because...I freakin' hate the cold and everyone knows that mother nature rears its ugliest of heads during February.  But in February we also celebrate all sorts of great things like Black History Month and Valentines Day - who doesn't love the excuse to spread the love?  I also get a week off for winter recess which meeeeeans...road trip to Florida at the end of the month!  Looks like February is going to be a good one!  Let us start off with some of my fave links this week.  

Oh, so New Year resolutions?  Did anyone make them?  It's not too late.  The truth behind New Year resolutions is you make them in January, let them marinate in your brain all month and then decide which ones you actually want to go through with.  Says who?  Says me. :)  I have a few but I won't be sharing them all on here.  Two of said resolutions are to 1. Travel more and 2. Read more.  These are two of my favorite things that I for whatever reason don't do often enough and I really want to change that.  So starting today, the first Monday in February, I will be starting a new book (goal is 100 this year).  I also have a couple trips planned in the next 6 months that I'm really looking forward to. So that being said, can you guys suggest any good reads?  I also need some travel destinations - out of state and local suggestions are welcome! 

Happy Monday!