Gift Guide: The Style Star

The Gift Guide series is almost done (one more after this)! So far this is what we've got:  His and HerThe Foodie in Your Life The Jetsetter, and The Fitness Guru.   Usually when you think about the "style star" you automatically thinks clothes, shoes, etc.  In my opinion, the way to go about buying gifts is with accessories or even something you know they most likely wouldn't buy for themselves.

  1. BaubleBar Barcelona Drop Earrings: These are so glamorous in a non-blingy kind of way. 
  2. HarperCollins The Way She Wears It: Because every fashion girl loves coffee table books.
  3. Easy Tiger Coffee Snob Mug: and fancy coffee cups. 
  4. Maison Fabre Mouflor Shearling Mittens: Mittens that look like they were dipped in gold!
  5. Sloane Stationery - Busy, Busy, Busy Pocket Notebook: I love a pretty notebook to jot things down. 
  6. Rag & Bone Ellis fanny pack: Obsessed with the one I just bought for myself.  
  7. Gucci Bi-Color Round Aviator Sunglasses Metallic: I love the subtle color in these shades.
  8. Calvin Klein Long John 2-Piece Pajama Set: When in the position to buy her clothes or pajamas - buy the pajamas.  She's got the clothes part handled - she is a style star after all.