The best trends of the 90's

It's funny, whenever I think of trends from the 90's I automatically think of my favorite 90'a movie/sitcoms.  I'm watching the reruns of some of these shows now and I still get wardrobe envy.  I'm so happy that so many of my favorite trends are back in style.  Now I'll look totally normal when I wear a choker around my neck or {gasp} tie a flannel shirt around my waist.  Here are some of my fave looks from my favorite 90's girls.  

Clueless just had its 21st anniversary this past week so its only right that I start off with Cher's famous school girl style.  And if you told me that you didn't run to the mall to copy this outfit, I would think you were lying.  I wanted her entire wardrobe (and her actual revolving closet).  For a fresh twist on this outfit, I would keep the plaid skirt (key) and lose the rest.  Not all of us can pull off plaid on plaid so lets just leave that in 1995.  Instead wear it with just a solid colored button-up shirt and cute lace-up booties.  If you must go for the full school girl vibe, go for a solid colored blazer and you'll be a total Betty.  ;) 

Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor were my fave girls from Beverly Hills 90210.  Although I loved both their styles, Brenda won me over every time.  Black top, brown lip, and a choker?  Um, yeah.  I'm sure her bottom half is consisting of faded blue high-waist jeans and ankle boots (classic Brenda).  Which means I would wear this look just as it is.  The bottom choker I found is nearly identical but if you're not feeling the big stone, a plain black choker would look just as good.   

Angela, oh, Angela, how I love your grungy, moody, print on print style.  Flannel shirts never really went out of style but it wasn't until recently that we've been seeing girls everywhere wrapping them around their waist.  This works great with jeans and a tee, over leggings, or casually half tucked into any bottom.  Extra brownie points if you wear a floral print under your plaid flannel.  

I wasn't fully into Blossom and Six's quirky fashion choices but I have always loved their accessories.  If you ever looked through my family photos, you would notice that I owned many hats - most with big flowers stuck smack on the side.  Cute then, not so much now.  Lose the flower and you're good to go.  As for Six's headband. Yes, yes, and yes.  I know you've seen me rocking mine on Instagram! 

Kelly Kapowski had the best hair and the best girly style.  These floral jeans might as well be the same ones she wearing because they are nearly identical.  Her outfit is really cute for spring, but with Fall around the corner I would wear it with an oversize pink sweater with suede sneakers. 

What's your favorite 90's trend and which is your favorite?