What I'm Loving: Accessories for the Beach

I hope everyone had (or is still having) a happy Friday!  I'm so sorry for my lack in post this week.  I started work and that along with a couple other things just have me feeling completely sidetracked.  But that will pass and things will be back to regular programing this coming Monday.  This week I'll be piggy-backing off of last weeks post.  I'll be sharing my necessities for the beach!  Check them out below :) 

  1. A hat:  I mean, c'mon, I know you saw this one coming!  I've been lusting over this hat since I saw it in stores last week but they didn't have it in a small.  I tried it in a medium and thought it looked cute but it was still a little two big.  All sizes online though.  Right into my cart it goes!
  2. Or instead of a hat, keep your hair our your face with this cute bow printed headband!
  3. Sandals:  Once my feet hit the sand those babies are coming off you'll need something that is easy to slip on.
  4. A Cute Towel is a must.  Lay on it to tan or dry off on the sand.  Hey, I rhymed. :) (Whatever, I'm corny.)
  5. Cover-ups:  Love this sarong!
  6. Beach bag:  I need one asap!  I've had my eyes on this one for what seems like forever!
  7. And lastly, sunglasses.  I mean, duh.  Do I even have to explain this one?  I'm actually have these in my possession right now.  Can't wait to show you guys how they look!

So those are...what?...looks like seven of my fave accessories for the beach.  Besides a good book and some headphones, what do you guys bring to the beach?