One Item, Two Ways: White Distressed Denim

For my birthday, my mom bought me these white distressed jeans from Massimo Dutti that I have been wearing non-stop.  I think its safe to say that they are my new favorite pair of jeans (stay tuned for an outfit post on those soon).  They go with all my summer essentials and beyond which is why I was inspired to show you how to style a similar pair in two (of many) different ways.  With the Fourth of July right around the corner, you'll notice that I have focused on the colors red, white, and blue.  I just couldn't help myself!

The first outfit is perfect for a day out at sea.  During the day, relax in this adorable gingham one-piece bathing suit while enjoying a glass of wine and the sun on your back.  Summer nights tend to get cool - especially by the water.  Luckily for you, this one-piece suit can double as a top.  Love that! Pair it with white jeans for an easy outfit that's great for enjoying late night fireworks on the dock.  If you plan to spend your Fourth out and about, cute sneakers are the way to go.  I would roll up the sleeve on the red and white striped button down (J.Crew style) for a cool, relaxed feel.  While you're add it, roll up the jeans, too.  Now that I think of it, I have this same exact shirt that I bought at Zara a couple years ago.  The fact that they keep restocking it goes to show how classic it really is.  I last wore it this way last year and this year I just might wear it the same way I styled it above! 

My Massimo Dutti jeans have been sold out since, but I'll link a few other great options down below.  So tell me, which outfit is your favorite?