This Weeks Links

Hey guys!  It's a new week!  Are you as excited as I am?  Now go catch up on this weeks links. :)

  1. Kudos to this brave girl for facing her attacker.  I can't imagine even being in her shoes. 
  2. YES, girl! The new Miss USA is beautiful, well spoken, and serves in the military. 
  3. Wow, so true!  Out with the old (feelings), in with the new! 
  4. Really trying to be good!  I'll be incorporating these into this weeks workouts. 
  5. Watch this short but powerful video by the ladies from the show Girls.  SHE IS SOMEONE
  6. Are You Brave Enough To Go Down A Glass Slide On Top Of An L.A. Skyscraper?  I would actually love to do this! 
  7. This looks like it tastes like heaven.
  8. Random but these are so cute.  I'm thinking about getting them!  I need more sneakers for my new job, anyway. ;)
  9. The sales at Asos is still going strong.  Take advantage before it goes away!
  10. And so is the one at Zara's.  Half the stuff I wanted is already gone!  You snooze you lose. :(

I hope you all had a great Monday!