xo Grams

The first and last time I shared my Instagram photos here was back in November so it's about that time that I round up my favorites.  I've seen a lot of bloggers do this and I personally love it.  I think its a great way to touch base on these everyday moments that I don't get to share on my blog as often or as soon as I'd like.  A lot of people choose not to have Instagram (shocking, I know) so this is a great way to peek a little more into my day to day moments. 

I'm so glad to have met these sweet girls!  Edgy (the girl in green) and I, started following each other on Instagram some time ago.  One day I just so happened to see something she posted about a #girlswithcurls event she was hosting.  Long story short, we finally got to meet!  On top of that, I got to meet her awesome friends.  How pretty are they?!

These Le Spec's are my go-to shades, if you haven't noticed yet.  I love the style, color, and the way they fit my face.  Also, good hair day - check!  And perfect summer top?  Check, check!  Last time you saw it was when I went to visit my friend in Ohio.  Soon you'll see it being styled in a whole other way so stay tuned!

Another outfit that didn't make it to the blog yet.  I love the sleeves on this lightweight sweater but I felt like it needed a little something extra.  I opted out of my usual hoops for tiny studs and a statement necklace. 

This is me being my usual awkward self.  Follow me on Snapchat (xoxoFrancheska) to see more everyday (mostly silly) moments.  I love Snapchat for a lot of reasons.  Besides the fun geo-filters, you get to show more of your every day life.  Sometimes its easier to just record and share you story!

I loved how my hair came out this day!  My friends niece did two braids and twisted it up into a bun.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the back!  I can't wait to have her do it again.  It was the perfect do to hang by the pool.  Pulled back but stills stylish!

These sunglasses were perfect for my outfit!  Ray Bans always make a person look way cooler then they already are.  I wore these last here and here

Here is a closer look of the outfit from the picture before.  I did an outfit post about it here.  I love that slit!  Scroll down a little more and see how I wore this for my birthday. :)

Little Ace, you light up the lives of everyone who comes across you.  This day was perfect.  We strolled around a new neighborhood, ate some yummy Indian food, and laughed our little hearts out.  Thanks for that! 

I love this kimono!  In case you missed this blog post, check it out here

It's all in the details!  This is probably one of my favorite outfits I got to showed here on the blog.  These pants are everything! 

The broccoli mask sheet is also just as good!  I'm all about face mask lately!  These can be bought here

Remember this skirt?  How could you forget?  I won't stop talking about it!  I styled it here for my birthday with black t-strap heels and a low-cut blouse. 

I would see this show a million times if I could.  One of the most awesome things I've every experienced. 

(Almost) all black everything!  Love my girls! 

Taking the subway in the rain isn't fun, but doing it in style makes it a little better.  Who says rain boots have to be boring?

I love Chelsea Market!  Check out a full blog post on this dress here

You already know how I feel about hats!  I dolled up my look with a nice pink pout. ;)

I hope everyone had a great day!  Back at it again tomorrow.