This Weeks Links

Happy Monday my loves!  This weekend was busy but so much fun!  Friday was my fiance's birthday and I had put together a nice surprise for him.  From the minute I left work I was running around picking up the cake, getting ready and making sure everything and everyone was in place.  The night came together perfectly and he had a really good time.  The whole weekend came and went so quickly.  I think its safe to say that I am absolutely exhausted!  Once I got home from work, I was ready to wind down.  So here I am; quickly sharing this weeks links. 

  1. So lately I've been itching for a new watch.  I actually haven't owned a really nice watch in YEARS.  I have one with a white band but its more casual then anything else.  I want something that I can dress up or down like this one or this one
  2. These ankle strap sandals are so chic and is the perfect pop of color for any outfit. 
  3. This Free People Printed Tunic is gorgeous.  It's a little summery, a little moody.  The best part is that it'll go straight into fall with black tights and ankle booties.
  4. Its crazy on how much money you spend on seemingly small purchases.  I'm proud to say that I'm pretty good at keeping up with a few of these. 
  5. Who doesn't love free shipping?  Head on over to Forever 21 and use code AWWSHIP!  Hurry, you only have two days! 
  6. And Asos is also have a major sale.  I just bought this dress (that has been on my wishlist forever) to wear for an upcoming wedding. 
  7. The Chanel bag value has increased 70% in the last six years.  CRAZY.
  8. Would you try this for baby soft feet
  9. I'm trying to learn different photography techniques, especially to take photos indoors.  A lot of the time I get home late or I don't have a photographer and it makes it really hard to get outfit pictures up at a timely manner.  I figured on days like this I can just take them indoors.  What do you guys think?  This article was pretty helpful. 
  10. I gave in and entered this sweepstakes.  I actually enter a few of these to win a trip.  I never win. 

I'm now on my fifth yawn, so its time to call it a night!  I hope you guys had an amazing start of the week!



P.S.  Did you check out tonight's moon?