Floral Maxi Skirt

Hello, hello!  Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.  I sure did!  You probably saw it all go down on Snap and Instagram (both xoxoFrancheska).  I spent it in Long Island with some friends and this little cutie posing with me in the photos. 

I wasn't planning on sharing all these pictures of Isla and I, but the pictures I originally took of this outfit were a total fail.  We were hanging out at our friend's uncle's house, who has the most amazing pool deck with the view of the ocean behind you, but the wind was not letting me have my moment.  Not even a little, actually.  I thought worst case scenario, my skirt would be blowing in the wind.  Yeah, no.  My hair was a mess, my skirt was all over the place - and not in a glamorous J.Lo way, either, and my sunglasses were blown crooked.  Whatever, I'm over it. {rolls eyes}

Not sure if you guys remember, but I wore this River Island skirt for my birthday.  I haven't posted that outfit on here yet but I did share it on Instagram.  I'll probably do it for the blog as a "wardrobe remix" kinda thing like I did here.  But anyway, on that day I wanted to dress it up so I wore it with black heels and a black low-cut blouse.  But for Memorial Day weekend, I obviously wanted to dress it down.  I easily did that with an olive tank top and flat braided sandals (last worn here.)

The reason I love investing in skirts like this is because of the versatility.  I know the bold pattern makes you think otherwise but trust me.  So far I have worn it to go out, to the pool and to a BBQ...and all in different ways!  I've worn it with a black top, and olive top, and next time I'm thinking maybe I should bring out a little bit of the pink.  What do you think? 

Any other ways you would want to see this skirt worn?  Let me know in the comments below. :)