Blouse with Fringe + Distressed Jeans

Obviously, I've been feeling the festive looks lately; which isn't very surprising.  I love playing with fashion but one thing is for sure: I either gravitate towards simple, minimal outfits or something with a 70's flair.  What would you call that...boho chic?  I don't know. 

Blouse with Fringe (sold out online; summer version here) | Distressed Jeans | Chinese Laundry Booties (old) | Ray Ban Sunglasses in Matte Gold | Forever 21 Bucket Bag (last see here)

In order to not look like a Halloween cliche in the middle of May, I avoided wearing all black.  But trust me, it was hard.  All I could think about was wearing it with black distressed jeans and the same sandals I wore earlier in the week.  The shirt is cotton -a classic and lightweight fabric perfect for summer -so I could have easily pulled it off.  Instead, I went with light blue distressed jeans.  The hem on those jeans?  LOVE.  I thought black shoes would be too obvious which is why I wore my cognac peep-toe booties.  I really love the way the brown booties bring out the orange details on the blouse.  Don't kill me, but this is the second thing this week that has sold out online.  BUT I did see it in the stores (I went earlier today to check) and it's actually on sale for $7!  Half of what I paid for it and I only got it two weeks ago.  So kinda winning, right?

On this day, I met up with my cousin and her boyfriend for dinner at this cute little spot in the East Village.  The place is called La Palapa and their drinks are bomb.  We ordered tacos and a pitcher of coconut margaritas, in case you were wondering.  Afterwards, we walked and talked around St. Marks Place until our feet couldn't hold us up.  Janise (follow her beauty channel!) and I don't spend as much time as we should, so when we do we never want to leave.  Shout out to Carlos for taking these pictures!  You're the beeeeest.  By the way, Carlos has his own clothing line, too.  We're just a whole bunch of creatives over here!  Make sure you go and check that out!

I still really love the idea of rocking an all black look with this top.  Now that I think of it, black distressed shorts would be the perfect thing to pick up on the summer vibe I'm longing for.  Possibly with some white or nude wedges?  Hmm...maybe I'll try that next.  I'm linking some other options below just like I did in my last outfit post; this time all from H&M.  I'm going to try to continue doing that for all my outfit post just to give my lovely readers some options.  Happy Thursday, my loves! :)