This Weeks Links

After a very productive Monday of running errands and spending quality time with my friend (and her adorable child!), I am ready to share with you this weeks links.  Don't forget to check back here tomorrow for my Met Gala favorites.  I can't wait to share them with you!

  • I Quit My Job and Moved to Bali was an awesome read.  Its proof that although hard, it is possible. 
  • I can relate to this article in more ways than one and really encourage you all to read it.  An important reminder that sometimes you just have to slow down.
  • Major markdowns, major happiness.  Nordstrom is offering new markdowns for ladies.  I am loving these shorts, these bell bottom jeans (need!), and this top! And they price match!
  • Some May outfit inspiration here.
  • River Island has some amazing clothes!  I got part of my birthday outfit there (seen here; blog post soon!)  So many other things I'm craving like this suede eyelet dress and this floral print kimono.
  • I'm a big fan of brunch and I can't wait to try every single one of these brunch spots. 
  • I just downloaded the Bloglovin' Shop App and already love it.  It tells you when all of the things your favorite bloggers are wearing goes on sale. 
  • Did you know that H&M was selling the cutest $5 bikini tops and bottoms? I just bought this one and really wanted this one but it was sold out in store.  But they have them online! {Clicks and buys}

I hope your Monday was as great as mine!  If not, you still have a couple more hours to make it special.  Make every minute count. :)