Spring and Summer Wedding Guide

Getting ready for a wedding should be easy, right? You get the invite, save the date, etc.  The hardest part for some (believe it or not) is not knowing what to wear.  Especially when you don't know what the words "formal", "semi-formal", and "beach formal" (just to name a few) mean.  So here I am providing you with a another helpful guide on what to wear to each wedding. 

My favorite and most common of the bunch is "semi-formal".  Depending on the time of the wedding, you want to dress somewhere between formal and casual.  That doesn't mean a fancy top and dark jeans; this is still a wedding, people!  I think what I put together above is perfect for a day time wedding.  If the wedding is in the evening, opt for a dark color palette.  Maybe switch out the dress for a darker floral or a solid navy; but keep the accessories!

When I hear "beach formal", I automatically think destination wedding.  I would go for a beautiful jumpsuit like the one above.  I love the airiness of the floral and baby blue.  Its perfect for the beach but still structured enough to be dressed up for a wedding.  These floral detail high heel sandals are gorgeous and remind me of something that a Grecian goddess would wear with a long maxi dress; another great option for a beach wedding!

Last but not least, "formal".  When you see this word written on an invitation you should automatically assume to wear a long gown.  Think red carpet glitz and glam!  Most formal events are held at night and this black gown with subtle, sexy cut outs fits the bill.  Top off with minimal black sandals and a metallic pouch for a little pop. 

Were you ever at loss when getting ready for a wedding?  If so, I hope this was helpful!  I'm looking forward to your comments!