What I'm Loving: Sunglasses

How could I not do a What I'm Loving post on sunglasses?  I mean, everyone who knows me knows that I do not leave my house without them.  They're my super power, just like the little kid in the movie Big Daddy.  Remember? :) 

As per special request from one of my readers, today will be a two for one post.  Not only do you get to see the shades that I'm loving at the moment, I'll also be showing you what frames go with your face shape.  I hope you enjoy and keep the request coming!  I love answering your questions, its what I'm here for! :)

Like Olivia Wilde, you have a wide hairline and jawline making your features angular.  You should avoid straight lines, therefore, going for round sunglasses a la Jack-o.  (Um...hello fashion icon!)  The round frames creates a softness that balances your strong bone structure.  Work those angles, girl!

Like Mila Kunis, you have a fullness below your cheekbones making your face round.  Square frames or wayfarers balance the roundness of your face making it appear thinner.  As you can see, its the exact opposite mentioned above.  Save the round sunglasses for our square face beauties!

Like Beyonce, your face is more long then wide.  Mine, too!  And aren't we the lucky ones?  Because our oval face is so proportional we get to switch it up!  We can get away with (almost) any frame, just as long as the sunglasses aren't too big for our face.  Most girls with an oval face tend to have delicate features which can easily get overwhelmed.  I just ordered the first pair from Ditto (last mentioned here) and I can't wait to get them in the mail!

Like Reese Witherspoon, you have a wide forehead and a narrow chin.  Aviators look great on you!  Like our square face girlies, the round frames create softness around the most prominent part of your face which is your chin. 

I hope this post answers your question just in time for the sunshine!  And always remember, no matter the shape of your face, you're all beautiful just the way you are! 




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