Rest In Peace

As I'm typing this, I am crying.  Not really the best opening line but it's the truth.  My mind has been so...all over the place...that I haven't even had the urge to blog.  That's so unlike me but I guess a death in the family does that to you.  It makes you think; all these people that are apart of my life today might not be here tomorrow.  It's almost a "duh" moment, but really?  How often do you think about that?  I haven't experienced much death in my life; just the one of my great-grandmother that hit close to home.  My family is really close, so when one feels we all feel and this feeling sucks.  This Easter Sunday we lost a mother who loved her children with all her might, a grandmother who was adored, a sister who would do anything for her siblings, and an aunt who's hugs I will miss forever. 

photo via Pinterest

The Friday before I had a rare night in with my cousins and although we do not always see eye to eye one this is for sure, the closeness we share is undeniable.  Like I said, times like this make you think.  Although death is inevitable, you're never prepared for the death of someone you love.  I wish I could have spoken to my aunt before she passed just to simply say "I love you."  But that's usually how it happens.  Before we know it the women (or men) who keep the family in check are gone and it's up to us to keep that family bond strong.  So my promise is to make those rare nights a routine.  Bring back those Friday nights where we all used to meet at Titi Nydia's for Chinese food and the latest bochinche.  All in the name of the elders we respect because without them we wouldn't know what a strong bond really is.  Our love is the glue that keeps our family together.  I love you, Titi.  Give Abuela Monse a hug and kiss for me. 

Thanks so much for reading.