Blue + Purple Abstract Dress

Today I had the laziest Saturday and man did it feel good.  Like I mentioned before, I've been non-stop for the past couple of weeks.  It was a mix of both work and fun, but it was time for me to just sit back and chill out.  So this morning I ran a few errands, went to grab lunch at La Masa, and came right back home.  Why does it feel like time flies by the minute the weekend arrives.  I felt like I had the whole day ahead of me and now it's 10:30.  Weekends are way too short. 

Shop my look: Bebe Abstract Dress (old; similar here) | French Connection Heels | Asos Earrings | Buxom Lipstick in Dolly

Last Friday it was my cousin's Sweet 16.  A little girl I once shared a room with is now a beautiful young lady.  How is that even possible?  {tear}  How perfect were these French Connection heels with this Bebe dress?  Too bad you can't really see them in detail, but that's only an excuse to wear them again, right?  The day was so rushed (because I worked) that I wasn't really planning on a photo sesh but luckily my cousin Anthony had my back.  If you think it gets awkward taking photos outdoors with two or three people walking by, try taking them in front of guests at a Sweet 16. 

I fell in love with this dress the minute I saw it.  The shades of blue and purple made such a pretty combination.  I love dresses that hit just above the knee; I find them much more flattering on my body type.  Here's a tip when searching for a dress: find one that cinches a little above the waist like this one.  It accentuates the smallest part of your body, creating more of an hourglass figure.  I went with baby blue suede sandals with a white block heel to pick up on the shades of blue in the dress.  What do you guys think?

Time to call it a night.  I'm going to lay in bed and read till I fall asleep!