10 Biggest Beauty Regrets

Beauty regrets - something I am all to familiar with. We all have beauty regrets.  These are 10 of mine.

#tbt via Instagram/xoxoFrancheska_blog

  1. Over plucking my eyebrows.  If I could link back to an old Myspace photo I would.
  2. When I was 4 I cut my own hair.  Typical kid.  Now I have the pictures to haunt me for life.
  3.  I went behind my moms back when I was 12 and let my friend do my highlights.  It was bad. 
  4. I would bite my nails until there was nothing left to bite.  Very bad habit.  Thank God I stopped. 
  5. Once I went to a salon and let the new girl cut my hair.  Lets just say, I walked away with ones side of my head in layers.
  6. I used an iron to flatten my hair once.  Like, a real clothing iron.
  7. One year for my birthday I decided to do a spray tan.  It just so happens that the place didn't offer spray tanning anymore so out of desperation I got in a tanning bed.  Bad, bad idea.  I was red like a tomato for days. 
  8. Speaking of tanning...for that same birthday (after the redness calmed down) I didn't think I was "tan enough" and I used a self tanning lotion.  #orangehands I've learned my lesson since.
  9. If you have really thick, curly hair don't cut bangs.  Just trust me on this one.
  10. In the 7th grade, I rocked a blue lip.  Frosty blue lip. 

What have I learned over the years? Well, I'm not afraid of experimenting with my hair and makeup.  Now I just leave it to the professionals, like I did last year when I went blonde.  Don't flat iron your hair, it'll ruin your curls and they take years to grow back.  Keep the tanning to a minimum and layer on that SPF.  Oh, and stick to a bright lip.  Much more flattering then that awful blue. 

What are some of your biggest beauty regrets?