Accessories : Taking your outfit to the next level

Do you ever look in the mirror after getting dressed and feel like you're missing something?  It happens to me all the time.  I'm always looking to add that little something to take my outfit to the next level.  Adding an accessory or two is a small way to make a big difference in your outfit. 

I usually throw on a scarf or a bright red bag for a pop of color (since my outfits are mostly neutral, anyway.)  Sunglasses, of course. But lately I have been looking outside of the box.  Or my box, I should say - like when I wore this grey fedora back in November.  Lately, I've been meaning to try the necktie trend.  Its a nice alternative to my usual choice of a scarf and perfect for spring.  And how often do you think about your hair tie?  How pretty would a gold plated one look around your ponytail?  I need to buy more belts for sure.  I'm more into the "half tuck" now more then before and I love a cute belt peeking through.

What accessories do you use to take your outfit to the next level?