Three Ways to Wear Leggings

I'm sure by now you've all noticed how much I love leggings.  I've been seen wearing them here, here, and here.  It all started when I was just a little girl.  One particular outfit I remember is an all white matching set.  The top was white with sheer polka dot ruffles on each arm and the bottoms guessed it...leggings with sheer polka dot ruffles on each leg.  Gotta love the 90's.  Fast forward to the late 2000's, when leggings starting growing again in popularity.  That's when my love for them really grew and I haven't looked back since. 

The problem is most people don't see themselves wearing leggings outside of the gym.  This is why I put together three outfits showing you how to wear leggings in a way that is effortless and put together.  First things first, leggings are not pants.  I repeat: leggings are NOT pants.  Ladies, don't treat them as such.  Always make sure you're bottom is covered. 

A long cardigan with suede leggings is a great example on how you can wear leggings to work.  Black and white is always a good choice for business.  Just add a red blanket scarf for a pop of color.  Instead of your typical black booties surprise show your coworkers your sense of style and switch it up with a low ankle boot in white.   

My favorite!  Weekend wear!  I love wearing a long black turtleneck over black leggings.  I think it's super chic.  To give it more of a sporty weekend vibe, throw on an olive bomber jacket and your favorite sneakers and you're set.  Don't forget your cute beanie because who wants to fix their hair on their days off? Not me. 

Leather leggings are a fun way to dress your look.  Of course a pair of black leggings would look great under this oversized sweater but why not go all out monochrome?  Teal over emerald is so fun!  Add these booties and these black shades and you're all set for brunch or a night hanging with friends. 

Now, if you're still not convinced you can make this work go check out a few of my favorite celebs rocking leggings at the airport, out and about, and during a night on the town