There is just something I love about backpacks.  I'm not talking about your old JanSport backpack you probably still have in the back of your closet.  I'm talking about grown up backpacks.  There is a such thing and they are functional and chic!

I got my first "grown-up" backpack a couple years ago at H&M and I still wear it.  It's black faux leather with a drawstring and zippered front pocket.  Classic.  I got this convertible one not too long ago and it's official.  I need more.  I officially cannot live without them.  I love the simplicity of this one and how the faded black suede gives off a very luxe feel.  This one comes in both red and black and is probably one of the ones I'm leaning towards the most.  You can never go wrong with red, right?  This one looks super fun to wear but this is the one I'm lusting after!  

What are your thoughts on backpacks?