A Year In Review

Happy New Year!  Wow!  Is it really 2016?  I'm still in disbelief.  Time goes by so fast!  I know I'm a little late on this post but I don't mind one bit.  All weekend I spent some much needed time with my family and nothing could get in the way of that.  I did a lot of reflecting this week and when I look back on 2015, I feel so much joy and happiness.  So many amazing things happened this past year.  I feel this sense of satisfaction - like I've accomplished so much and I'm hungry for more.  When I look back on my outfits from this past year, I'm suddenly reminded of those special moments.  The way I felt that particular day, the memories I made...to some people an outfit is just that, an outfit.  For me its more then that.  Its a way to show my love of life through my clothing, through those moments.  All those moments that made me an even better version of myself.  Here is my year in review.  Please click on the link below each photo for the entire post. :)

Current Obsession: Ponchos                                  Thank you, Vince Camuto

Happy New Year!                                                    A Touch of Marigold

Snow Chic                                                               A Sunday Well Spent Brings a Week of Content

Spring Forward                             Channeling My Inner Hippie        It's Just One of Them Days

Red, White, and Blue                                              Cincinnati

Beacon's Closet                                                        Blue Crush

Cargo Jacket                                                           Black Dress + Red Pumps

Olive Green + Black                      Boyfriend Jacket                         Orange + Black Blanket Scarf

This year I was able to accomplish so many goals and traveling more was a big one for me.  But no goal was bigger then the ones I've had for my baby-my blog.  I wanted to say thank you for all those who have supported me so far.  Your constant love and support have made these late nights so worth it.  So tell me, which was your favorite outfit from this year?  I look forward to hearing from you.  Let me know in the comments below! 

Cheers to the new year!