My Labor Day Weekend

Hi everyone!  I'm fully recuperated from the three day weekend!  I've made spending time with my family one of my main priorities which is why I postponed a few things until after Labor Day (and also why I didn't post anything on Monday.)  I am finally ready to share some snapshots from my weekend.  I took so many good ones - it was hard to choose and not bombard you with a million of them.  

Forever 21 Dress (old) |  ASOS Slides (last year, similar)  |  

I had a pretty full weekend.  Saturday I went to Bear Mountain, Sunday to a family BBQ, and Monday another BBQ.  It's safe to say, that I'm all BBQed out.  I know I'll regret saying that later too so let me stop while I'm ahead.  You can see in my face how exhausted I felt!  I was out celebrating a friends birthday the night before so I had no sleep.  The last thing I was thinking about when I woke up was make-up, obviously.  Or doing my hair for that matter.  Oh well!  

In the morning, it was a little chilly but thankfully warmed up some by the afternoon.  I can tell that Autumn is just around the corner.  This little number from Forever 21 is super cute and went so well with the scenery, if I do say so myself!  I spent the day catching up with my cousins and running around with these cuties.  

Is my cousin Mila not the cutest thing you've ever seen?  I'm obsessed with those cheeks and all that chunk!  Her faces are priceless.  I regret not taking more photos of everyone else on Sunday but I was too busy obsessing over you know who ^.  Check out my Instagram where I'll be flooding everyones timelines with her adorable little face.  Sorry not sorry.  

Ahhh the life.  Leila was taking the nap I was craving all weekend.  Can you tell that my life revolves around the kiddies?  They make my world go round. 

Have a lovely day.