The Feast of St. Gennaro

Sunday afternoon Mike and I ventured out with some friends to Little Italy for The Feast of St. Gennaro.  I've been coming here for the past three years and counting.  (Probably as a kid too, my mom took Alex and I everywhere!)  The food vendors are obviously everyone's favorite part.  If they say no, they are lying.  There is something for everyone.  As for me, I go solely for the mozz-arepa, but I'm not opposed to trying anything else!  

Lucky Brand Open Knit Sweater (similar here) | Divine Rights of Denim Jeans similar |  Chinese Laundry Open Toe Booties (last worn heresimilar) | Old Navy Bucket Bag (last worn here similar)

I did not plan this nor does it have any relevance with my last post BUT you do know I love me some Audrey and I looooove street art so put those two babies together and I'm sold.  Photo op!  In love with the casual cool look of this outfit.  Off the shoulder open knit, jeans, and stacked heel booties.  It's just so "me" so it only makes sense that I love it, right?  You can wear this open knit over anything from jeans to leggings.  I usually don't opt for heels when I plan on doing a lot of walking, but these are low and comfy so they worked.  (I did bring a pair of flats in my bag just in case.)  In the colder months, I'll swap the open toes booties for some over-the-knee boots and a cozy blanket scarf to keep me warm and toasty.  

I'm so happy we made it to the feast and I can't wait to start doing more Autumn-y things such as apple picking, bonfires, and maybe an outdoor movie?  I have to look into that...

xoxo, Francheska