Hush Hip Hop Tours

Hi loves.  I wanted to apologize for my inconsistent posting.  I'm slowly but surely developing a schedule and am trying manage my time better when it comes to blogging.  This last month I've mainly just focused on spending time with my mother and brother who have just recently moved back to Florida and (good news!) a new job promotion.  Now that I'm getting back into the swing of things, I am going attempt to learn how to use Mike's fancy camera and stick to my blogging schedule 

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Anyway, I don't know if you remember this picture that I posted on Instagram back in June.  I surprised my fiancé with tickets for the Hush Hip Hop Tour: The Birth of Hip Hop and I promise you it was worth every cent.  If you are in New York do not leave without booking this tour.  I really want to sit here and go on and on about how great it is but you really can't appreciate it unless you're there.  The tour guide, Grandmaster Caz, takes you on a ride through Harlem and the Bronx to some of the most important sites in Hip Hop.  We attended the four hour version of the tour which included a stop at one of Harlem's soul food gems.  

These photos are a mixture between ones from the site and my iPhone.  Honestly, I was a bit disappointed that all of the photos taken by the tour guide's assistant were not posted on the site.  I kind of slacked taking more of my own because we were told they would be posted.  I really wish I had taken more pictures but I was having way too much fun singing, rapping, and taking a drive down the Hip Hop memory lane.  

I can't wait to buy tickets for the Where's Brooklyn At? bus tour and also want to check out a couple of their walking tours, too!  As for my outfit, you will be seeing it on here again so stay tuned.  I can't wait for you guys to see closeup the beauty that is my kimono!  Because we all remember my love for kimonos, right?