I have a confession..

I'm going to keep this short because my (wireless) keyboard is acting up.  Its literally doing its own thing (losing connection, typing random letters, spacing on its own...)  Anyway, back to my confession!  I am a Forever 21 addict and I'm not ashamed!  Ha ha.  Gotcha there.  Did you think it was gonna be something juicy?                                              

Forever 21 Dress (similar here) | Rachel Roy Sandals | Vera Bradley Sunglasses (Marshalls) | Alex and Ani Bracelets | Forever 21 Necklace 

I've said this before, but are they not killing it in the dress department?  (Back track to here, here, and here and you will know what I'm talking about.)  For awhile, I wasn't too happy with them but they've since proven me wrong.  I'll admit, its still a hit or miss - but when they get it, they really get it.  I mean, check out that ruching in the back.  These are the kind of small details I love!   

And can we PLEASE talk about my Rachel Roy Camden flats?!  Emoji hearts all around, I can't even deal.  Snakeskin, studs, and spikes all at once?  Yet, they still scream "minimalist".  Edgy minimalist, that is.  Rachel Roy, you are a genius.  Pair these sandals with any simple outfit (like mine) for an effortless look.   

I hope you enjoyed my outfit!   This whole look is completely effortless and can be pulled off by anyone.   Simplicity always wins.