Miami, Fl: My Favorite Snapshots (Days 3 & 4)

Hey, guys.  It's just little ol' me sitting at my computer falling asleep as I type.  Mondays, right?  I'm back with the last of my Miami photos!  My favorites, at least.  What I would do to be back on the beach right now...  

1.  Versace, Versace...this place gets me every time.  2.  Love my sun hat.  Perfect for that Miami sun.  3.  That water was everything.  4.  No trespassing unless you're me. :)

1.  Anthony's working that towel in the wind!  lol.  2.  Juan's perfect jump  3.  I take forever to tan...even wearing black.  4. Beach babes  

1.  How cute is the back of my bathing suit?  2.  Always time for a selfie!  3.  La Sandwicherie is the perfect little spot to grab a sandwich after being at the beach all day  4.  There is said sandwich...yum!  

1.  I fell in love with the Wynwood Art District.  Different quotes were written all over the sidewalks.  2.  Watching the sunrise was probably my favorite part of the trip.  3.  Especially since it was done with this girl. <3  4.  As always, xoxoFrancheska.   

Having mimosas to finish off the amazing weekend!  

I've been to Miami a few times but there is always room to visit new places!  Any suggestions?  Leave them in the comments below!