1,353 feet Up

Well hello there, beautiful people!  

Heres what we're going to do.  We are going to ignore my very swollen Princess Sophia feet (Shrek, for those are are lost) and just enjoy the view.  We did so much walking, it took two weeks for my feet to forgive me.  So worth it, though.  This is my view from Sky Deck Chicagoall the way from the 103rd floor.  The ledge is a glass balcony extending four feet outside the 103rd floor of the Willis Towers.  Talk about breathtaking!

Kimono | Ruffle Top | Pants | Shoemint Sandals (sold out) | Purse (last seen here and here)

For someone who's not to fond of the color green, I sure have been attracted to it a lot more lately.  Especially olive green, as last seen here.  Over the years, it has definitely become a favorite of mine.  I'm pretty sure it has to do with it bringing out the warmth in my skin.  Besides, everyone needs a nice pair of army green pants.  Mine are from Zara and are super affordable!  

It was a little chilly this day, so I threw on my black kimono - a current favorite of mine.  Theres no other way to put this:  I am obsessed with kimonos.  I love to layer clothing for added interest and for light Summer layers, kimonos are a great option.  

Today will be a jam packed day for me!  Can't wait.  Just kidding.  I can totally wait.  What I can't wait for is Friday (I have off) and luckily we are half way there!  Everyone have a happy, happy, Wednesday!