Miami, Florida: My Favorite Snapshots (Day 1 & 2)

How is everyone on this cold, winter morning in JUNE?!!  Seriously you guys, whats up with this weather?  Anyway, I'm making a major comeback after a two week hiatus on the blog.  Between traveling (I just got back from Chicago) and some computer issues...lets just say...we're back in business people!  What better way to cheer up a Wednesday (other then it being WEDNESDAY!  Whoop! Whoop!) then some pictures from my trip in Miami that I took back in April?  Enjoy the photos below and stay tuned for days 2 and 4! :)

1. Enjoying some live entertainment at Mango's Tropical Cafe Always a good time when you're at Mango's!  2. My cousin (more like a brother) Anthony treated me to dinner.  Isn't he just so handsome?  (I have to say that, he's probably reading this. ;) 3. Mango's Famous "Churrasco" Steak.  Yummmm!!  4. The drinks at Papagayo's were huge but a total scam - don't go here!  

1.  South Beach, Miami:  The beach is one of my favorite places in the world.  I feel most like myself when I'm by the ocean.  2.  Drinking my morning Cafe Cubano at Sabor Latino  3.  South Beach with Anthony and Juan  4.  Dinner at Gloria Estefan's restaurant Larios - the Ropa Vieja is to die for!

Happy Hump Day, beautiful people!  Oh!  And happy first week of June, too!