Olive Linen Top + Distressed Jeans

Happy New Year's Eve!  As you know, I'm spending New Year's in Florida.  It's been a really long time since I spent the holidays here and I must say it does feel a little weird.  Winter here is like 87 degrees.  I'm wearing linen in the wintertime.  What is this? What's happening? Wheres my coat? 

Olive Linen Shirt (here in off white) Distressed Jeans | Sandals 

The weather over here is so humid - linen was my best option.  Although linen is not typically worn during the winter, I get a pass since I'm in hot weather.  Wearing olive was my way of feeling like I was "on trend" for the season.  I love distressed jeans but you already know that.  You've seen these a billion times.  The more I wear them, the better they look.  Thats my excuse. Ha ha.  

I hope everyone enjoys their New Year's Eve.  Sending lots of xoxo's from the Sunshine State.  I'll see you in the New Year!