What I'm Loving + Butter With Love

Today is going to be a combined post since I've been a little off track.  I'm still learning and getting the hang of what I like in terms of my blog and "Top Five Fridays" didn't really flow well for me.  I'm not going to bore you with the details as to why.  That being said, I've changed my "Top Five Fridays" to "What I'm loving", in case you missed that here.  I'm going to continue to post them on Friday (with the exception for this week).  Thank you guys for continuing to tag along.  It really means so much to me.  

Oversized Sweater | Suede Leggings | OTK Boots | Nail Polish Essie in Penny Talk 

So this is what I wore to the Butter With Love fundraiser on Thursday.  I love mixing neutrals, like I did here with my leggings and OTK boots (last seen here). These are the same leggings from last weeks post, except those were in navy.  I wore them the exact same way I said I would, too.  My love for oversized sweaters is never-ending so that's no surprise.  I wish I would have taken pictures standing so you can see how the sweater was stitched to cinch at the waist.  It's oversized while defining your mid-section so it doesn't look like you're being completely swallowed up.  I also love that the sleeves are fitted at my wrist.  Although the sweater is loose, the cinching at the waist and fitted sleeves make it relaxed but not sloppy.  

And as for what I'm loving lately, I'm all about my home.  As much as I love to be out and about, I'm very much a homebody.  Maybe it's the change in season, but all I've been wanting to do is stay home snuggled up reading or watching a good movie.  Here is what has been making my home extra cozy.

  1. Holiday Decor: Am I the only one who loves to decorate for the holidays?  I bought the cutest little pumpkins that are sitting by my TV now.  Thinking about doing something like this as a centerpiece for thanksgiving dinner.  
  2. Talking about holiday shopping - you guys need to head out and buy this candle!  Your  house will smell like you've been baking pumpkin pie for days.  I have it lit now as I'm typing! 
  3. I've minimized my coffee drinking to once a day, and Earl Grey Black Tea with a little milk and organic honey is becoming a yummy alternative.  Try it!  You can get it at your nearest supermarket.  
  4. Big, comfy, sweaters!  Duh!  I have my eye on this one and this one.
  5. Last but not least, oatmeal cookies.  With coffee or tea.  YUM. 

Today's post was very long, I know.  If you made it this far, thank you for reading!  You're the best!  Don't forget to visit Butterwithlove.com to order some amazing treats (like the OATMEAL COOKIEEEEESSS).  I promise you, you won't regret it.