Breast Cancer Awareness

The fight for cancer affects a person one way or another. It is something for me that hits extremely close to home. Between my great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother, I'd say I'm pretty familiar with the disease. So when I was told by my doctor last October that I had a large mass in my right breast, I should not have been that suprised, but I was. It was just a routine check-up, I wasn't expecting to hear anything out of the ordinary. She did a quick breast exam and thats when she said "did you know you have a lump in your right breast?"  I didn't.  Knowing my family history, I immediately went into a silent panic.  I left that doctors appointment feeling like I was trapped in a nightmare.  

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I set up a mammogram the next day, where they confirmed what I already knew.  A biopsy was scheduled for a week later.  One word: SCARY.  Waiting for the results was even scarier.  A week later, when the results were finally in, I was given good and bad news.  Good news: the mass was benign.  Yay!  Bad news: it was still growing so I had to get it surgically removed.  My (very first!) surgery was scheduled at the beginning of December.  Remember this post from last year?  Those "errands" were my appointments and of course we can't forget about my post-op selfie. Lol.

My reasons for sharing my story are simple.  Its never too early to get a mammogram.  Do self exams at home at least once a month (follow this helpful guide). Both are very important and go hand in hand.  I rarely ever did self exams and because of that I missed a growing lump in my breast that could have been a lot worst than what it was.  Bottom line, it was a scare.  But most importantly, it was a lesson.  Don't sleep on your health!  I hope this inspires you to be proactive.  Think pink!