Boyfriend Jacket

Have you guys ever gone shopping in the mens section?  Neither have I, but now I'm having second thoughts after "shopping" in my brothers closet.  He originally wanted to give this jacket away before he told me to have it.  I wasn't sure about the oversize fit but was confident that I could make it work.  

H&M Jacket (size small in mens) | Loft Jeans | Nines West Wedges (super old) | Daily Look Black Bag | Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses c/o

Because the jacket is oversized, I decided to keep everything else sleek and fitted.  I really wanted the beautiful mustard yellow to stand out even more so I stuck to darker colors underneath.  I finished it off with a bright lip to add a little more femininity to my look.  That little extra dose of color doesn't hurt either!  Doesn't fuchsia and mustard look so good together? 

Notice my lips match my sunglasses - that wasn't planned and I love that!  But heres something even better.  Now that we are on the subject of these amazing shades lets talk a little more about it, k?  I didn't do it in my last post and couldn't keep this from you guys any longer.  I do not leave the house without my sunglasses but get tired of wearing the same ones often.  That's where comes in. This is how it works: you choose your favorite pair of lenses (optical or sunglasses!) from hundreds of options, you keep them as long as you want, and when you're ready for a new pair just swap them (free shipping both ways)!  Sunglasses are $24 a month and optical lenses are $29 a month.  How awesome is that?  If you decide to keep them, members get a 15% off discount.  Bam!  You're winning all around.  Go become a member. 

Sleep tight!